What Has Serena Williams Done To Nike’s Family-Getting To Much………..Fans Overwhelmed

In 1997, although Puma got the 16-year-old tennis prodigy on board when she was a Top-100 player, a few years later another big brand roped in Serena Williams. She signed a multi-year contract with the $139 Billion brand in 2003 after she emerged as the World No.1. Their contract stayed unblemished even after the 23-time Slam champion hung her racket. Serena and the world’s largest athletic apparel company, have helped each other grow and bring more inclusivity on board.


When Olympia, the former WTA queen’s daughter turned one, this brand surprised her by recreating a baby version of the iconic ‘Queen’ sneakers originally designed for her mama. Recently, the American sports giant surprised Olympia’s sibling, Adira, too, by sending a variety of goodies that uplifted the fashion legacy of Momma Smash. The 42-year-old shared her excitement as she revealed the gifts they sent.

Nike has always showered Serena and her family with adorable gifts. Be it her firstborn Olympia’s 1st birthday gift or the surprise for her secondborn. After the birth of Momma Smash’s second daughter, Adira River, the little one received numerous presents. But Nike’s gifts are exceptional as the brand has witnessed Serena evolve from a teenager to a legend and now a businesswoman and a Mama. It is over two decades’ worth of trust and loyalty that extended its warm wishes to Adira.


The new mommy displayed all the gifts the $139 billion supergiant brand sent to her little daughter while explaining the details. Serena posted two Instagram stories to disclose a beautiful collection of clothes and shoes that would grace Adira’s wardrobe. Impressed by the ‘stuff,’ the former World No.1 delivered her praise and gratitude to her ‘family.’

Serena said, “Look at all the stuff for baby Adira. I really love all these T-shirts. They’re always so similarly cropped up. Look at the shoes! Also, these boxes are insane. They are so beautiful and they are, look at the size, they are bigger than golf clubs. It’s pretty awesome. Thanks, my Nike family!”

When Serena was in her last year of playing professional tennis, Nike sent the family one of its most famous and unique athletic wear collections

When the Olympic medalist played her last match, she trusted the athletic giant to make it memorable and set standards for the world. And this is exactly what they did together.


After bidding farewell to the sport at the US Open, Queen Serena walked away with unmatchable records and revolutionary fashion. Momma Smash pulled off a feat that the sports world has never witnessed. She shined in glitter, reflected by diamonds that adorned her outfit, headband, and shoes. Together, the tennis legend and athletic wear genius created an attire ingrained in tennis for generations.


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