Watch as WWE legend Ronda Rousey 33-year-old admitted her tears were burning her face

RONDA ROUSEY left many opponents in tears during her UFC career – but she was left in floods herself by a spicy chicken wing.

The 33-year-old appeared on YouTube channel ‘First We Feast’, to talk about her life and career.


But at the same time as giving an open and honest interview, Rousey made her way through some seasoned meat.

Things were going well as the former UFC bantamweight champ enjoyed the snacks.

But she soon came a cropper when ‘Da Bomb Beyond Insanity’ touched her tongue.

Tears started to well inside the ex-WWE star’s eyes, and no amount of water and milk were going to help.

She said: “I immediately felt it in my nose!” she said.

“It actually burns my stomach and my nose and my throat at the same time. I licked my own lips and it hurt!”

The interview suddenly became a whole lot harder.

She continued: “My tears are burning my face!

As with most of her career, Rousey was not going to turn down the challengeCredit: YouTube / First We Feast

“I feel like the hot sauce went in my nose, I sniffed it up, it went into my tear duct, and it is coming out, burning my face!”

Rousey revealed she used to feast on chicken wings after her fights in the octagon.

Though she admitted it wouldn’t have hit the levels of intensity she was experience live on camera.

And she admitted her husband and UFC fighter Travis Browne might bear the consequences of her actions.

Rousey is the UFC’s first ever female Hall Of FamerCredit: YouTube / First We Feast
She added: “Dude! Poor Travis is going to have to deal with the hottest farts in marriage tonight! Oh man!”

Last month Rousey dropped a huge hint she could return to WWE after launching an X-rated rant at old rival Becky Lynch.

The former UFC superstar is still under contract with Vince McMahon’s company but has not competed since WrestleMania 35 in April 2019.

Rousey has since stated her intention to start a family with her partner Travis Browne but was spotted training recently, sparking rumours of a potential return to the ring.

The ‘Baddest Woman on the Planet’ took a shot at ‘The Man’ during the stream, and decided to not open her box while playing the game.

And she was even less thrilled when she discovered Lynch’s rating on the game was 92, the same as her own.

Rousey said: “They gave Becky the same as me? She knows that’s bull***t. You know that’s some bull***t.

“I’m gonna leave Becky Lynch’s box alone. I don’t want no ginger box, nobody does.

“Except for maybe Seth Rollins, but you know… that’s his thing.”


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