Want to Continue to Be a Strong Woman and Be Sexy”: Paige Spiranac Brews Bold Content Behind the Scenes as 2024 Approaches

The new year is almost here, and everyone is ready with their New Year’s resolutions. Like everyone else, golf influencer Paige Spiranac is also ready with a set of goals for 2024. The year 2023 had its ups and downs for the 30-year-old as she opened up about her struggle with mental health issues.


But on the flip side, she rose to new heights in popularity among golf fans, coming close to the legend himself, Tiger Woods. Now she wants to continue this in 2024. To achieve that, Spiranac revealed one habit of hers that she will let go of to attain more positivity.

Paige Spiranac wants to just be herself in 2024
In her podcast, Playing a Round with Paige, the golf influencer listed some of her goals for 2024. She had a list of goals to achieve, ranging from diet changes to content creation. But a common theme among all her goals was positivity and mental health. For her final goal in 2024, Spiranac wants to be true to herself and her brand.

She has become the target of online harassment from time to time for her content. And the golf diva admitted that the criticism got to her. “I think there are times that when people come at me, I get defensive, or I try to always talk about my point of view or why I’m doing this and I want to stop doing that in 2024,” she said.

While the 30-year-old wants her brand to be more positive, that does not mean she will alter what she currently does. Rather than always defending her content, Paige Spiranac will now own what she creates. She said, “I love what I do, I own who I am. And that’s what I want to do, I want to continue to be a strong woman and be sexy at the same time, and put some content out there.”
The beautiful influencer somehow ends up defending herself, her content, and her choices to the people. This year, she opened up a lot about her journey to becoming a golfer and also shared the reason behind her bold attire choice. But for 2024, she does not wish to continue to do the same.

The golf influencer hints about a new type of content coming in 2024
Apart from stopping to defend her content, golf mommy wants to focus her energy on spreading positivity. Talking about her vision for her content in 2024, she said that she aims to use her voice in a very positive way. She elaborated and mentioned that she does not want to defend her actions and choices anymore, but she wants to push her strong message out there!

The former golfer talked about creating really fun content and continuing to speak about women’s empowerment. Spiranac has always been true to herself and her choices, and as per her, 2024 will be no different, as she will be truly herself and own who she is. With this bold declaration, the golf diva has hinted that fans can expect even bolder content to come from her side. However, at the crux of all her goals for 2024 are mental health and positivity.


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