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Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian Rock Saturday Night
Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian Rock Saturday Night

Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian both dropped $2 million at a charity auction for Jay-Z, Meek Mill and Michael Rubin’s Reform Alliance gala on Saturday night.

Brady, 46, and Kardashian, 42, were among a roomful of 200 VIP guests at an all-star blackjack party in Atlantic City to raise funds for the charity Jay-Z founded with Meek Mill, Michael Rubin, Robert Kraft and others in 2019.

During the night’s auction, a painting by acclaimed artist George Condo came up for sale, and when Brady and Kardashian each bid $2 million, the artist agreed to create another work for Kardashian as a commission.


Condo has in the past created album covers for Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West.

That lot went for $1.2 million, and came with a dinner with Brady

Business whiz Gary Vaynerchuk snapped up a painting by artist Rashid Johnson for $1.1 million. Tiffany Haddish was also in the running to win the lot after she bid a cool $1 million, but lost out.

Jay-Z put up a vaunted watch for auction from his own collection that was custom-made for him by famed Jacob & Co. The fancy timepiece went for $1.5 million to a collector at the event.

The night well surpassed Reform Alliance’s goal of hitting $20 million, bringing in over $24 million, we hear.

The blackjack tournament had a $100,000 buy-in for players, with non-playing guests paying $50,000 at the Ocean Casino Resort.

There was also a $1 million jackpot that was donated by the casino – and night’s big winner, Andrew Goldberg of TAO Group, donated $750,000 of his winnings back to Reform Alliance.

Kevin Hart emceed the evening, and roasted some celebrity audience members — including Travis Scott and Meek Mill. Hart warned pal and Reform Alliance co-founder Rubin as he took the stage, “I am giving some shots! And some of them are going to hurt!”

But Hart also made a powerful plea for Reform Alliance, which aims to change probation and parole laws, by recounting how his own father, “Served a lot of time, and was in and out of jail.”

Hart also jokingly blamed the ongoing Hollywood actors strike as the reason why he didn’t buy any of the night’s auction items himself.


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