Trending New: Travis Kelce shuts down Taylor Swift romance haters: ‘You’re all crazy’

The Kansas City Chief’s tight end dismisses skeptics as ‘crazy’ in response to rumors surrounding his romance with pop sensation Taylor Swift

The 34-year-old, who just won his third Super Bowl ring, said the skeptics were “crazy” in a blunt response.


Kelce had a remarkable performance in the Super Bowl, catching nine passes for 93 yards and helping his team overcome a sluggish start. He was rewarded with a hug from his girlfriend Swift, the pop sensation, who was cheering him on from the stands at Allegiant Stadium. The couple looked happy and relieved after the thrilling game in Vegas.

However, not everyone is convinced that their romance is genuine. Some critics have questioned the authenticity of their union and suggested that it is a publicity stunt. Kelce, however, brushed off these accusations in an interview with CBS. He showed no signs of being bothered by the rumours and said, “You’re all crazy,” and added, “Every last one of you, you’re crazy.”

Kelce and Swift’s winning love story continues in Vegas
Kelce also expressed his gratitude for Swift’s support and said they share a common interest in each other’s careers. He explained why the public admires their relationship and said their fans appreciate the ‘values’ that they ‘stand for’.

“Who we are as people, We love to shine the light on others, shine the light around the people that help and support us,” the Chiefs hero said. He also revealed that he is ‘on top of the world right now’ and enjoying his life both on and off the field.

Kelce’s superb performance in Vegas was crucial for his team’s comeback victory over the San Francisco 49ers in overtime. He was part of the game-winning play, as Patrick Mahomes threw a brilliant pass to Mecole Hardman, who scored the touchdown that sealed the Chiefs’ second consecutive Super Bowl title

The celebrations continued after the game, as the Super Bowl champions headed to Zouk Nightclub to party in style. Kelce was joined by his brother Jason Kelce, as well as Swift’s friends Ice Spice, Blake Lively and Ludacris. They had a blast on the dance floor, while Travis’ brother wore a wrestling mask and danced with Mahomes.

Kelce and Swift also had a romantic moment at the club, as they kissed while Swift’s song ‘Love Story’ played in the background.


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