Tiger Woods’ Biggest Fan Girl Paige Spiranac Discloses Her “Nervous” Encounter With Her Idol but Reiterates a Warning

Paige Spiranac is one of the most known personalities in the golf fraternity. Although she retired from professional golf early, she rose like a Phoenix with her incredible zest for social media and the sport. The former golfer has built an extremely loyal fan base but she herself is a big fan of the golf GOAT: Tiger Woods.

Recently, during one of her interactions with her fans, Spiranac shared one of her biggest fan-girl incidents with the golf’s greatest. But her story came with a warning for her fans, that she would like for them to sternly abide by.

Tiger Woods’ fans refer to him as one of the best golfers who has ever played the sport, and rightfully so. His records say it all So, even the renowned people of the golf world are nervous, when they meet the legend himself and Spiranac was no different she met him.

Spiranac often talks to her fans and organizes fun Questions and Answers rounds on her Instagram, and recently as well she did one. One fan asked her a very interesting question, like if she ever had a fan girl moment.

Hesitant at first to answer because of the people’s perceptions, she revealed that once she met the 15X major winner, and was very nervous while doing so. She said, “I did fan-girl over Tiger Woods, he is the only person I got so incredibly nervous.”

She then revealed that she met him when he made a chipping lesson at his charity event, and she had nervous jitters all around while she met the golfer. Oh, well! Who wouldn’t? The former golfer also reiterated a warning to her fans about her experience.

beautiful influencers before her, she too is subject to inappropriate suggestions from fans. Before Spiranac shared her story, she was hesitant to do so reason being these sorts of stories of stirring up a hornet’s nest when it comes to the more depraved section of her fanbase.

Taking a dig at suggestive comments, she said she is totally capable of having a normal meeting with anyone. Golf Mommy said that such comments are extremely disrespectful to her and to the other person as they could have a wife or a family. She requested her fans to refrain from doing so as it simply “ruins it.”

The stunning influencer was recently reminiscing about her influencer journey that she started almost 5 years ago after retiring from professional golf. Stay tuned in to find out other interesting stories that golf’s favorite influencer might share in the future.


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