Thrill-seeking Hamilton tries new sport during action packed break

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton may have his team principal Toto Wolff sweating a bit this Christmas, after posting a video on his Instagram showing him jumping out of a plane.

The seven-time world champion, who is not shy to try new things away from Formula 1, showed off his skydiving skills while on his winter break.

While most amateur skydivers would need an instructor strapped to the back of them when taking the jump, Hamilton has clearly had a lot of practice, barely making any terrified noises despite being around 10,000 feet off the ground.


Thankfully for Mercedes (and Hamilton), he didn’t have any parachute-based dramas which is what I would be constantly worried about if I were to take the plunge.

Winter vacation full of action
During his winter break, Hamilton has already attempted surfing, taken a test drive in a new Mercedes, and attended an NFL game featuring the Denver Broncos. These are just a few of his recent antics.

That was all done to save yourself from having to wrap an excessive number of Christmas gifts.


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