Tears As Iga Swaitek Got Disappointed By Fans

Iga Swiatek suffered a minor slump ever since her Wimbledon loss. After the tournament, she wasn’t able to make a big statement in the Masters or the remaining majors. She also relinquished her rank 1 and faced a difficult period. But things seem to be turning around for her. She is in the final of the last Masters of the WTA Tour and has a chance to close the gap between her and the one at the top.


Swiatek faced Gauff in the semifinal of the Beijing Open and dismantled her in straight sets. After the match, she was emotional as Gauff defeated her in their last bout. Completing her vengeance in China, she said, “I will remember for the rest of my career that even if tougher times may come, in your mind you know you can always overcome that“.Iga Swiatek Also Battling Demotivation Due To An Empty Arena......Fans Needs To Embrace Her

With two grand slam champions facing each other, many would think the stadium would be filled to the brim. However, that was not the case. Only 30% of the stadium was occupied by fans, a shocking number for a semifinal of a Masters tournament. This has been an issue in the China Open since it began, and Swiatek even pleaded with fans to come and watch them play.

Despite the shockingly few people in the stadium, the support for Swiatek was all around as fans carried flags with her name on them. Regardless of the size of the audience, Gauff and Swiatek fought with everything in their power. Their bout gave us the first finalist for the China Open. As the other finalist will be confirmed soon, the WTA Tour is nearing its end.


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