Taylor Swift’s ‘ick face,’ Travis Kelce and when going public causes more harm than good

Did Taylor Swift get “the ick”? Are she and Travis Kelce really happy? What did she whisper to him after that one game?

Questions like these and more have swirled throughout Swift and Kelce’s relationship − yet the pair haven’t let the speculation deter them from flaunting their love publicly.

Their romance has involved concert shout-outs, jumbotron-sized football cheers and plenty of PDA, with seemingly little regard for how many people are watching or what they may think.

Experts say Swift and Kelce’s romance and fans’ reaction to it highlight the burdens that can arise when a relationship becomes public, whether the people involved are famous or not.

“When people start analyzing every micro-expression of the couple, it’s because they are looking for data,” says Sara Nasserzadeh, the author of the book “Love by Design: 6 Ingredients to Build a Lifetime of Love.” “They’re collecting to complete their stories in their own mind.”


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