One of the surprise news items emerging at the 2023 Formula One Saudi Grand Prix was the split between Lewis Hamilton and his personal trainer and physio Angela Cullen.

Cullen, a former New Zealand hockey player, has worked as Hamilton’s dedicated performance coach since 2016.


However, in March last year, Cullen and the seven-time world champion announced on social media that they were parting ways.

Weird news about Hamilton and Cullen split Although no one has explained the reasons for the split of the popular and successful partnership, it has not gone unnoticed here at TJ13.

The planned separation, agreed by both sides, will of course take place at the end of the season, but Cullen attended both pre-season tests and the Bahrain GP with Lewis.


Toto Wolff was asked about the reason for his resignation and how it might affect Lewis, but the Mercedes boss gave a coded response to Lewis Hamilton’s still-unsigned contract before changing the subject.

Toto insisted the gap was part of Hamilton’s “honest” assessment and suggested Mercedes would support “any decision he wants to make”.’No more work’ for LewisThe Mercedes boss said:

“Angela has been part of the gang for a long time.
I think in any team, whether it’s her inner circle or the wider group, it it’s not that static. a situation you can stay in because we all evolve as people

We evolve as an organization and when things don’t work anymore we have to be honest and then bring about change.”According to Toto, things have stopped working between the famous couple and so clearly the British driver has decided enough is enough.”Angela is always the mascot of the team.


He is the only one with a louder voice than the starter car! Wolff continued.”But if [Lewis] chooses to do that, we will absolutely support him in whatever direction he wants to go.

“Hamilton’s state of mind has been questioned during the past two winters.

Hamilton claimed his fitness was not where he wanted it to be in order to compete on an equal footing with his teammate, who again in Jeddah qualified for the title seven times and also finished ahead of him.

Under pressure, Hamilton seemed to find it necessary to complain to Russell, claiming that his inexperience often led to wrong decisions.

Lewis criticizes Russell’s approach“The choice was 50-50.

I went one way and he went the other way, Hamilton said when asked how much they say in the company.

A lot of times the way [Russell] went is wrong.

But it just worked [this weekend].

“So I could maybe match his pace this weekend rather than be faster.

But I’m working hard to make sure we’re in a better place next time.

At the time, Lewis was finishing a season in which Mercedes new boy George Russell easily beat Hamilton in the drivers’ championship, so the tuning. comments seemed mean and petty

Ecclestone says “Hamilton failed…

“Emotional farewell
Hamilton returned during the 2023 season to finish best behind the two Red Bull drivers in the drivers’ championship.

Towards the end of the year, on the other hand, Russell returned strongly against Lewis and managed to finish the year level in qualifying, where the Mercedes pair finished 11-11.

Now it seems that Hamilton’s mentor and physiologists are back in the arena.

Angela Cullen is back in the UK, fueling rumors that she will soon return to motorsport.The New Zealander was on his “next big adventure”,
traveling the world and getting a lot of adrenaline. Lewis sent Cullen an emotional message as he left, thanking him for everything he had done for him.“For the past seven years,
@cullen_angela has been by my side and encouraged me to be the best version of myself.

I am a stronger athlete and a better person because of him.“So today I hope you’ll join me in wishing him the best as he takes the next steps to make his dream come true.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you 🚀✨ ”McLaren Boss Says 2024 Car Will Be Faster Than Red Bull444.

She is “back” and a picture of Tower Bridge in London appears in his story with the caption: “Blessings 🙏

With teams and drivers preparing for the new season and the launch of the first car in less than two weeks, Cullen’s expertise is in high demand and a return to F1 is imminent.

Cullen announced at the turn of the year that he was looking for “fresh opportunities” and a return to Mercedes as a “mascot” and Hamilton’s fit would not be a surprise given the “blessings” he received on his departure.If, on the contrary

Angela appeared elsewhere in F1, questions would quickly arise as to why she left Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton..


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