Serena Williams wants to take chef-in-chief role away from Alexis Ohanian!

Serena Williams wants to take chef-in-chief role away from Alexis Ohanian!

Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia jr had a pro-baker challenge with Alexis Ohanian! Olympia also claims to be a chef, while she and Serena have fun and talk with their followers in the video shared on Instagram.Serena Williams also wants to become a top chef in the kitchen, trying to unseat her husband Alexis as chef in chief at the Ohanian-Williams house.Olympia and Serena Williams’ aprons had pink italics, Chef Olympia and Chef Mama, respectively.

The pink checkered trim and straps of their apron just made the duo adorable.Serena invited her followers to personalized cooking classes as she stated: “Cooking class anyone?” She then added: “We know how to focus…!”Who filmed this video? Just Ohanian, who commented: “I was so happy to have captured this moment of twinning between you two.”

Serena Williams in the top 10 athletes who have earned the most

Sportico has tried to estimate how much the greatest athletes in history have earned in their careers, whether they are over or are still ongoing: leading the ranking is Michael Jordan, with an estimated figure of 3.3 billion dollars: no one like him in history, for now.

Speaking of tennis, there is a player who appears in the top 10: it is Roger Federer, in ninth place and the first tennis player in this ranking.Between sponsors and prize money won on the field, the figure is around 1.8 billion dollars.The Swiss tennis player is behind a series of champions such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Again according to the estimates made, the second tennis player present is Rafael Nadal: number 28 in the rankings, with 660 million dollars.Third place in the world of tennis is the only sportswoman in this ranking: it is Serena Williams.The earnings of Serena Ventures, which she founded in 2014 and which has made more than 60 investments, are not included in the estimate.The two positions following that of Serena Williams are still two tennis players: position number 40 for Andre Agassi, number 41 for Novak Djokovic.


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