See Photos: Lewis Hamilton Who is £51m Raked Caught Doing This With Popular Singer Sakira After Split From Ex-Partner Gerard Pique.

Lewis Hamilton’s interests may have grown away from the track in recent years and is living the glamourous lifestyle associated with being a racing driver – but the Brit has underlined that his priority remains with Formula One following the shock announcement that he’s set to join Ferrari.


The 39-year-old raked in a whopping £51million last year according to Forbes, with the seven-time world champion labelled as Formula One’s most marketable asset.

And that will only grow given that he will fulfil one of the greatest dreams of his life in racing for the iconic red racing team.

While he is yet to get back to winning ways on the track, Hamilton has certainly been winning off of it.

He continued to explore his interests in the fashion and music industries, while his recently-launched production company are involved in a Hollywood blockbuster starring Brad Pitt.

His status away from the track has continued to soar further, with Hamilton last year having been linked to singer Shakira.

Hamilton had been seen with the singer numerous times since her split from ex-partner Gerard Pique. As well as enjoying boat trips together with friends in Miami, the pair also dined in Barcelona after Hamilton’s second place at Grand Prix

Shakira had also been pictured as Silverstone last year, as Hamilton finished third at the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton has admitted that his lifestyle has changed as he approaches the latter stages of his career, with his business empire expanding away from the race track.

In October, he told CNBC that expanding his business interests was vital in giving him balance.

‘When I first started in Formula One, I didn’t have any leeway to do anything else, but since I have been with Mercedes I have been more open to doing other things outside of the sport,’ Hamilton said.

‘Ultimately there are so many business ventures I am involved in, for example, the movie I am involved in producing for Formula One. I have a bunch of other things I am invested in and start-ups I’m invested in as well.

‘I can’t race forever, and it’s good to have other things that you can be creative and tap into. You can’t be thinking about racing 24/7, because you’ll go out of your head.’

Hamilton’s involvement in the F1-inspired film marked his entry in the industry, with the driver playing a key role in casting decisions.


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