Pictures As Paige Spiranac Golf’s biggest influencer has long been able to excite fans with her choice of outfits

Golf’s biggest influencer has long been able to excite fans with her choice of outfits

Paige Spiranac spent the majority of October posting pictures of her various Halloween costumes, although the end of spooky season has not slowed her desire to play dress-up.


Golf’s most popular influencer has once again come close to breaking the internet with an upload of a picture of her dressed as an NFL cheerleader.

Paige Spiranac explains why she is so comfortable wearing such revealing cothes

As part of her Halloween project, Spiranac dressed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and it was perhaps her most popular outfit of the season.


The Spun was given an exclusive look at the 31 days of Halloween costumes before they were uploaded to the internet and Spiranac’s social media profiles.

What was Paige Spiranac’s cheerleader outfit?

The outfit was especially eye-catching as it featured the colors of the Dallas Cowboys, whilst replicating the costumes that the cheerleaders wear on a Sunday on the sidelines.

There was a tight blue shirt tied at her breasts, whilst there was a tight leather waistcoat with the Cowboys logo on the sides.

Her lower half was equally as enticing, with a pair of tight white booty shorts, complete with a silver buckled belt, just like the Cowboys cheerleaders wear.

It wasn’t the only costume that Spiranac showcased as part of her Halloween project, with others seeing her dress as Wonder Woman, a schoolgirl and an MLB player, complete with a backwards baseball cap.

Sports fans have long been attracted to Spiranac’s outfits and social media posts, especially since she shares an equally fanatical interest in sports.

As such, her Dallas Cowboys themed outfit was especially popular amongst her niche fanbase, with many people viewing the image on Instagram, as well as purchasing the calendar on her OnlyFans page.


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