Paige Spiranac’s ‘Sexy’ Calendars Sister Lexie Confesses the Real Truth Behind Ravishing

If anyone were to ask what Paige Spiranac is known for, many would without a trace of doubt mention her golfing videos. Although people do follow her for her game content, there are a large number of fans who do to take a peek at her glamorous side, something the blonde beauty is very proud of.


The ex-pro golfer appeared to embrace her dazzling image a few days back by releasing the much-awaited 2024 calendar. However, her sister Lexie Spiranac has now come forward with a confession, revealing another person who played a major role in making the golfing queen the attractive model she is today!

The past two years saw her popularity rising through the roof and a major part of the growth can be attributed to the alluring side of the influencer, leading her to release the enticing 2024 calendar. But what came as a surprise was her sister appearing to reveal the presence of another mind behind the charming side of the 30-year-old, her mom.

In a podcast by the American beauty, Playing a Round with Paige, the heptathlete recalled how their mother Annette Spiranac “would force me(Lexie) to take pictures” while she was opposed to the same. However, drawing a contrast between the siblings, the 39-year-old revealed how the younger sis would jump out “in front of the camera.”

Continuing on the same, the diva’s sister described their mom as an artistic person who “always loved taking pictures.” She narrated the extent to which Annette loved photography, “she would want to go and find a location and pick an outfit and do an outfit change,” all the while dubbing her nothing short of “phenomenal”.

Well, now we know why it was easier for the diva to express herself in front of the camera. And what else to prove that point other than the calendar that the model dropped a little while back!

The golfing influencer launched her calendar for the year 2024. The datekeeper, which was announced a while back, can be bought as part of her OnlyPaige subscription or individually. Moreover, the sizzling series can be delivered even outside America to her ardent fans.


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