Paige Spiranac’s Says Her Latest Photo Is On ‘List Of Things People Are Mad About

Paige Spiranac is a frequent poster on social media, and she’s built up a strong following of people who enjoy her content.


Not everyone feels that way though, of course. Spiranac takes her fair share of ridicule for stuff she posts, particularly from those who criticize her for showing off her body.

That’s why she said her Fourth of July video today angered some folks. Spiranac joked about the backlash she received in a tweet this afternoon.

“Add ‘eating a hot dog in a bikini’ to the list of things people are mad about lol,” Spiranac wrot

Spiranac, who celebrated Canada Day over the weekend with a Canadian flag bikini, rocked her stars and stripes swimsuit today.

She got plenty of positive feedback from her American flag bikini photo, but as Paige mentioned in the tweet above, some people objected to her eating a hot dog in said bikini and posting a video of it


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