Paige Spiranac tells fans to ‘pin me up against your wall’ as she shows off underboob in new racy snap for 2024 calendar

PAIGE SPIRANAC took social media by storm once more with another raunchy photoshoot.

This time, Paige posed in a tiny bikini as part of a 2024 calendar shoot.

The ex-golfer took to Instagram where she shared two revealing pics in her story.

Paige issued the following captions: “The holidays are coming up and it’s a perfect time to get my 2024 [calendar] for yourself or a fun gift for someone else.

“Perfect gift. Pin me up against your wall.”

The American is one of golf’s most famous social media personalities.

The 30-year-old boasts 3.9million followers and has since inspired many others to try their hand in the social media game.

Fans can pay for exclusive tips and interviews via her personal website OnlyPaige.

She also holds Q&As and was recently asked: “Do you ever get annoyed by the ‘Are they real?’ question?”

Paige responded: “No, because they’ve actually gotten a lot bigger and I can see a lot of people being confused by when I first started this.

“I’ve always had a chest but not like this. It’s because I’ve gained weight – and I’ve talked about all the reasons.

“But I can see why people question it or are confused sometimes because it’s like, one week they are here, and one week they are there, and then here, and it’s like ‘what’s going on?’

“I don’t know! I don’t know!”


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