Paige Spiranac stated. “I am so bad at’ Reveals Her Trendy Sport For 2024

Paige Spiranac released a new YouTube video on Jan. 11, in which the media personality and golf instructor shared a few goals and aspirations for the year ahead with her fans.


And while the 30-year-old noted that she hopes to start journaling, read more and “do everything it takes to get better at golf,” she also divulged the hobby that she’s recently been enjoying—and hopes to improve upon in 2024

“I’ve recently picked up padel, which if you guys don’t know what it is, it’s a mix between tennis, pickleball [and] racketball.

It’s really cool, and I have been enjoying it—for the most part,” Spiranac stated. “I am so bad at it. I’ve only played a couple times and I played in my first tournament and it was so embarrassing.

I lost all five matches, and it just proved to me why I need to pick up new hobbies because … doing this is pushing myself to try new things, to meet new people and also to be O.K. with being bad at something and working towards a goal to improve and to be better.”

If the one-time SI Swimsuit model is looking to improve her padel game in the year ahead, perhaps Spiranac should team up with 2024 magazine rookie Penny Lane for some lessons. The 29-year-old Cheshire, England native is an avid padel player, and even cofounded a company called Pleasure Padel Club.

“Padel is amazing because it’s really fun,” Lane said of the sport. “It’s really quick and easy.”


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