Paige Spiranac shuts down boob job rumors after fans pointed out that her breasts have ‘gotten a lot bigger’ – as she reveals “See REAL reason for the change”

Paige Spiranac has shut down rumors that she had breast augmentation surgery after fans asked her if her boobs were ‘real’, while noting that her chest has gotten ‘a lot bigger’ of late.

The 30-year-old pro golfer-turned-influencer addressed the speculation during an Instagram Q&A after a follower asked Paige whether she got ‘annoyed’ by people enquiring about her chest.

‘No, because they’ve actually gotten a lot bigger,’ the social media star explained in her Instagram story on Wednesday.

‘So I can see a lot of people being confused. I’ve always had a chest but not like this.’

‘But I can see why people question it and they’re confused sometimes because it’s like one week they’re here and one week they’re there and like next year they’re here and it’s like what is going on? I don’t know. I don’t know,’ she said diplomatically.

‘The human body is a magical thing. ‘It’s not the first time she’s clapped back at haters who criticize her skimpy attire.

In September, the former golf pro defended her scandalous outfits and raunchy Instagram posts, explaining that flaunting her figure ‘makes her feel good’ while clapping back at her haters during a sit-down with the Cavinder twins.


In the podcast episode, Paige, who grew up in Colorado, explained before she was a pro golfer, she was a gymnast.

According to Paige, dressing in leotards all the time resulted in her becoming extremely ‘comfortable’ in ‘almost nothing’ from a young age, and she still felt comfortable in skimpy attire.

‘I have always dressed a certain way, and I think it comes from my gymnastics background,’ she explained.


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