Paige Spiranac shows off ‘real and spectacular’ boobs in low-cut top in response to PGA Tour star’s comments

Paige Spiranac shows off ‘real and spectacular’ boobs in low-cut top in response to PGA Tour star’s comments

Paige, who has previously rejected claims she has “fake” boobs, said: “Hi new followers. My name is Paige and here’s some facts about me.

“I’m a scratch golfer and hate slow play.

“I started a job in media after I couldn’t hack it as a pro golfer.

“They are real and spectacular.

“I own who I am and never afraid to stand up for what I believe in.

“Hope you enjoy following me and my great personality.”

She accompanied the post with a picture of herself in a low-cut white, woven outfit.

Paige’s post appeared to be a dig at PGA Tour star Nate Lashley, who claimed fans didn’t follow her to hear what she had to say.

He responded to a video she posted about slow play golf: “I don’t like slow play at all but these courses are very difficult and there is a lot on the line.

“If@PaigeSpiranac would have played professionally at a higher level she would understand but I don’t think most people are watching these videos to see what she has to say.”

She replied: “I said Nate’s tweet was sexist on my podcast which is now causing a stir on twitter lol.

“Yes, I use my sex appeal to my advantage but that doesn’t invalidate my opinion.

“I share a similar stance on slow play as many top pros as well as many in golf media but he only decided to call me out and belittle my achievements in the process.

“It’s not about me showing my cleavage and getting upset when I’m called out by it. I’m upfront about my brand. Not my fault people like boobs and golf. Both are wonderful.”

One fan might think he hit the jackpot after he stated optimistically: “Into gamers who golf right.”

The American, 30, replied: “My perfect man.”

She was more earnest, however, when asked by another follower: “If you had not gotten bullied would you have stayed on the tour?”

Paige responded: “I had the ability but struggled mentally under pressure. I don’t think it was for me.”

Arriving alongside all the questions was the usual tide of adulation.

One fan wrote: “You are the most beautiful woman I ever have laid my eyes on.. Seriously.

Another posted: “Keep up the good work – you are marketing machine and real women who knows her ambitions.”


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