Paige Spiranac Shares How to Hit This Tricky Golf Move With a Cheeky Double Entendre

Paige The former pro golfer posted the latest to her “Just the Tip” series.

If nothing else, it’s hard to argue that Paige Spiranac isn’t good at the internet. The 30-year-old former professional golfer has built up quite the following online, and given the type content she produces—which is arguably the sexiest thing ever to happen to the otherwise dusty sport of golf—it’s no wonder.


Case in point, this week Spiranac posted a video to her popular “Just the Tip” (get it?) golf trick series on how to hit the perfect knockdown shot.

“This is one of my favorite shots to hit and it’s also very useful,” she captioned the video. “I’ll hit this shot when it’s windy, getting out of trouble, or when I’m struggling with my swing and need more control. Try it out!”

“Hi everyone, this is ‘Just the Tip’ and today we’re going to go over how to hit a punch shot, or a knockdown shot” Spiranac says in the video, wearing a skintight olive-colored bodysuit. “So the first thing you wanna do in your setup is put the ball in the back of your stance, choke down, and sit your hands and your weight forward.”

“So now, let’s put it all together,” she says, as the camera pans out. “You have the proper setup, and I want you to feel as though as you’re taking it back a little bit shorter on your backswing and abbreviating your follow through. Also, you don’t need to kill this, so swing about 85 percent.”

“And the cool thing about this shot is that you can hit it with any club in your bag,” Spiranac added. “It’s a great shot to have when it’s breezy outside, or if you feel just a little bit uncomfortable and need a little bit more control.”

For those who actually managed to keep focused on the task at hand, you can try that one out next time you hit the link


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