Paige Spiranac says no one looks at her face: “Instead they look here!”

Paige Spiranac joked her fans don’t know she has a face after they failed to notice she had cut her hair.

The golf influencer took to Instagram Stories, where she has 3.9million followers, as she posted a snap of herself as she wrote: “Cut my hair!” But in a following story, she said it might be true when “people say guys don’t notice the little things” as her fans thought she was asking whether she should cut her hair – rather than noticing she had already done it.

Spiranac said her DMs were filled with people telling her not to cut her hair as it looked perfect the way it was, before the 30-year-old joked that not only do people not notice her hair. She said “no-one knows I even have a face” before placing the camera for a close-up of her ample bosom – then laughing it off and admitting she had brought that upon herself.

n her post, Spiranac humorously noted that despite her intention to showcase her haircut, her followers’ reactions indicated that they might not have a clear picture of what her hair looked like before.

Furthermore, Spiranac acknowledged that the online world can be selective in what it chooses to highlight. She mused that, despite her active presence on social media, many of her followers might not even know what her face looks like or the color of her eyes.

This revelation prompted a humorous realization for the influencer about the nature of her social media person.


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