Paige Spiranac says ‘I may as well show off’ boobs as she ‘can’t do anything about them’

Paige Spiranac opened up on the size of her boobs and made an admission that will surely excite her millions of fans in a revealing Instagram Q&A session

Paige Spiranac admitted she ‘may as well show off’ her boobs in an Instagram Q&A that fans had a field day with.

The golf influencer took to her Instagram Stories where she regularly hosts a Q&A with her 3.9million followers, when they’re able to get a glimpse into her life and thoughts. While she encounters a lot of golf questions, a good chunk of queries surround the blonde beauty’s stunning body, more specifically her boobs.

On Monday (September 18), she was asked: “Your boobs are very big, any reason for that?” to which Spiranac honestly answered: “I don’t know. It’s just how they look. They’re real, we’ve gotten that one out of the way. I can’t do anything about it, so I might as well show them off, right, yeah.”

The 30-year-old has certainly stayed true to her word as her busty chest is regularly on show in the revealing outfits Spiranac wears, either on the golf course or off it. Her choice of attire while playing golf has been criticised by some for not adhering to ‘golf appropriate’ outfits to which she pushed back on during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

The Colorado native is normally seen in spandex clothing or mini-skirts during her time on the links and said the fact that her choice of clothing is criticised by some is “shocking to her”. “That was always my mindset when I got into golf, and it really rubs people the wrong way which is shocking,” she said. “They’ll have really intense discussions over if they should wear shorts or pants or a blade collar or a real collar.


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