Paige Spiranac makes cheeky admission about her boobs as fan asks direct question

Paige Spiranac has millions turning their heads with her good looks on social media, but she feels her following is more than just about flaunting her figure

Paige Spiranac hit back in humorous fashion after a fan argued she’s “only liked for her tits”.

The blonde beauty, 30, has grown a social media following in the millions after ditching her pro golf career and focusing on being an influencer. She offers advice out on the course while also posing for pictures in raunchy outfits.

Spiranac was questioned about her approach while holding a Q&A on her Instagram story earlier this week. “Do you think people actually look at you for golf info? They just like your tits,” argued the anonymous submitter.

Spiranac was later asked how she was viewed by the Ladies PGA Tour, explaining how there’s some pros she gets on with and others who aren’t fond of her work.“Some of them are really cool and I’ve known for a while. Some really hate how I present myself and the game on social media,” she wrote.

“Empowered women empower other women so I’m hopeful we can just get the f*** over it one day soon. I hold no ill will against anyone and understand we have a difference of opinion.

“However we are all doing our part to bring awareness to the game in our OWN way. Bringing one another down only hurts us and the game.

“I would love to collaborate with more women on tour and in media to showcase the immense talent out there.”



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