Paige Spiranac kicks off Halloween season with “Sexy” costume of Velma from Scooby Doo “See Trending Pictures”

This weekend, Paige Spiranac gave her followers a blast from the past that they won’t soon forget.

The 30-year-old kicked off Halloween season early. While most everyone is still looking for a costume for the end of the month, Paige showed she already has plenty of options as to what she might wear.

The former golfer left her golf clubs in the closet and pulled out a pair of glasses and a dark wig to transform into one of the most beloved Scooby Doo characters: Velma.Some may have thought the Daphne costume would have looked better on the blonde social media bombshell, but that’s Paige’s advantage, as she looks good no matter what she wears.

Paige kicks off a sexy Halloween 2023
With over a month until Halloween, Paige kicked off festivities by letting fans know they can expect much more on her OnlyPaige site.

Spiranac let it be known that she will be trying on a different costume every day, which should motivate fans to go out and pick out their own costume as well.


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