Paige Spiranac flaunts her amazing curves as she shares her latest golf tips as fans say ‘simply just wow’

PAIGE SPIRANAC has stunned fans by showing off her amazing figure while giving out some more golf tips.

The 30-year-old was a professional golfer for one year before she turned her hand to social media influencing.

But she remains a handy player on the course and took to the green for her latest YouTube video.

Spiranac could be seen donning a short skirt, low-cut top and red bow in her hair, topped off with a pair of white trainers.

Reacting to the release, of her latest content: one fan joked “I need a private lesson”.

Another added: “I don’t even have the words……..simply just….WOW!”
A third replied Gorgeous Would be a dream come true to play a round with Paige!”

And a fourth responded: “Breathtaking 😍.”

Spiranac recently claimed professional golfers “judge” her for the sexualised content she posts online.

One of her fans asked the question: “Do other pro golfers/golf courses treat you differently or rudely since OP [OnlyPaige]?”

To which she replied: “I would say that there hasn’t been much of a change [since she launched OnlyPaige, a website for her exclusive content].

“I think when I first came out with it people were interested and a little bit confused on what OP would be and, although I have some very fun and sexy content, there is no nudity and I will never do any nudity.

“I think people like to think that I’m going to do that or that OP is a gateway into doing that – that’s just not what it is.

“OP is a place for me to create a ton of different pieces of content to really focus on golf instruction… also to do the sexier pieces of content because people do judge me so harshly on my Instagram.

“So I put the sexier pieces there because it’s just a happier, friendlier, judge-free community.

“So, yes and no. But I feel the answer is they’ve always judged me and OP is a safe place for me to create the content I want to create.”


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