Paige Spiranac Drops Huge Update After Divorced Since 8 Months, ‘I Found Someone Now, Who…Photos

Paige Spiranac has always been honest with her fans about her opinions and thoughts about everything going on in the sports world. The ex-professional golfer has millions of fans on social media.

And she loves talking to them through her podcast about sports and other things. And she recently gave a surprising update about her personal life related to the man she’s been dating.

Spiranac once opened up about the time when she got divorced, which was nearly 8 months back. The ex-golfer also mentioned earlier that she wanted her fans to respect her privacy. She said she was not comfortable discussing details about her personal life. However, the golf beauty recently opened up about the person she is currently dating.

In a recent episode of her podcast, Spiranac talked about her current dating life, Although she didn’t reveal any names in the conversation, she explained how perfect they are for each other. Spiranac said, “I found someone now who also has a really great career, and he works insane hours, he doesn’t have social media. And we’re very opposite in so many ways.”

Spiranac talked about how she and her mysterious boyfriend have different work schedules, and that they both respect that about each other. She also said that the guy she is dating “loves to work”. “It’s part of his identity. It’s what brings him the most happiness,” she said. The ex-golfer also explained how she also enjoys working and how her partner lifts her for working harder.


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