Paige Spiranac Dishes Out Stern Advice to Golf Buffs ‘Take Your Ego Out of It’ Amid Divulging Golden Insights For 2024

If you have been using Steel Shafts for your clubs, Paige Spiranac has a message for you. Paige Spiranac is renowned for her bold and direct personality. The influencer previously spoke about Jon Rahm’s LIV Golf move not being just a rumor, this time, the golf diva has set the record straight as to what shaft a regular golfer should use, as she discussed on her podcast.


Spiranac dedicated a unique episode entirely to golf tips and tricks. Spiranac revealed her little insights from 2023 and shared tips for putting, tempo, chip shots, and club shafts that could be taken up in the upcoming 2024 season.

One golf tip for steel shaft users by Paige Spiranac

The golf mommy has taken it upon herself to provide the best golf tips to her supporters and while doing so, she called out a few using a steel shaft. On her recent podcast episode of Playing a Round, Spiranac did an episode on the Best of 2023 Golf Tips for her listeners. Joined by co-host Samantha Marks, Spiranac shared her insights on the game of golf and tried to give helpful tips.

One such tip was people using steel shafts instead of graphite shafts. The golf influencer asked people to “take your ego out of it (using shafts).” She then continued to explain the shaft issue in detail. The golf mommy thinks that the “lack of knowledge” plays a crucial role as many perceive it as “out of sight out of mind”.

Moreover, she observed that men draw inspiration from Tour players and change their shafts as per those used by pro golfers, in hopes of becoming as skillful as them. Spiranac said, “For a lot of guys, they should be playing a regular graphite shaft but they see the men on Tour playing stiff heavy steel and they’re like if I want to be a good player or seen as a good player then I need to have those clubs.”

The diva expressed diligently that no one is looking at your shaft, so one should use something that enhances their game rather than mirroring the pro players from the Tour. This is just one tip given on Spiranac’s podcast. She often shares them on her Instagram account, the most recent one was about the knockdown shot.

Paige Spirnac tip for a knockdown shot
Spiranac is a former professional golfer and is now a golf influencer. Recently, Spiranac shared another tip on her Instagram, but this time about knockdown shots. The diva explained she uses this shot when it’s windy or when she is struggling and it requires more control.

Spiranac explained the shot bit by bit and said “Put the ball in the back of your stance, choke down (on the club)” and put your weight forward. She also highlighted pulling back on the backswing and swinging only 85% percent. The shot can be hit by any club and provides better control as per the golf influencer.

Regardless of people’s prejudice, Spiranac always helps her fans by giving them beneficial tips to enhance their game. Have you ever utilized any of golf mommy’s tips and was it helpful for your game?


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