Paige Spiranac confesses her secrets to the Cavinder twins: I’ve always felt comfortable in nude clothes….. See Photos

Paige Spiranac chatted with the Cavinder twins on their podcast Twin Talk about how she has become one of the most popular and influential social media personalities in the United States.

Spiranac is a prime example of what it’s like to succeed on Instagram, where she has 4 million followers, and is even a role model for the Cavinder twins themselves.

How does Paige Spiranac feel so comfortable in tight clothing?

Spiranac puts her comfort level in such tight clothing down to her gymnastics background.

“There was one time I wore a turtleneck jumper and leggings, I was completely covered from head to toe and people got mad at me in my outfit,” Spiranac told the Twin Talk Podcast.

“I said to myself, ‘It’s clear that whatever I wear or whatever I do, people are going to get angry. So, I might as well wear what I want and live the life I want to live’.

“I’ve always dressed in a very specific way, and I think it comes from my experience in gymnastics, where I was very comfortable in almost no clothes at all.

“When you wear a leotard, that’s pretty much it, so I’ve always felt comfortable in tight clothes and that’s how I feel confident and that’s what I like to wear.”

Paige’s spectacular physique allows her to wear this type of tight-fitting clothing without any hang-ups, and they especially enhance her breasts to the delight of her legion of fans.


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