Paige Spiranac claims she plays better golf with less clothes and ‘loves’ competing in tank tops and spandex

Paige Spiranac has ruffled the feathers of the golfing establishment with her views on attire out on the courseCredit: Instagram/_paige.renee
Hot tub-loving Paige believes golfers should be able to dress like other athletes
And she put a wedge between herself and fuddy-duddy traditionalists by arguing that golfers should dress more like other athletes.

Almost 4 million fans love Paige making the maximum effort to impress with minimal clothing on Instagram.

And the social media sensation believes glamorous women are unfairly treated compared to their male counterparts in sport.


Earlier this summer she singled out the positive reaction to a baseball team who went shirt-less – in contrast to criticism she sometimes receives

The Savannah Party Animals ditched their tops in favour of just cowboy hats at the Oklahoma City Dodgers stadium.

Now Paige has blasted the “hypocrisy” over clothing in an outburst as colourful as her outfits.

In particular, the ex-pro golfer would prefer to dress more like she did as a junior gymnast.

She told Sports Illustrated: “I was so comfortable wearing spandex and very little of it because that’s just what you wear when you’re wearing a leotard and you’re competing.

The American is bugged by those who think golf players need to cover their body when they are out on the greensCredit:

Paige prefers to travel light when she’s playing golf but here she’s seen in a skin-tight pilot’s jumpsuitCredit: Twitter @PaigeSpiranac
“When I switched into golf, we were struggling a little bit financially and so I didn’t have the luxury to go out and buy a whole new golf-appropriate wardrobe.

“So I wore what was in my closet which was work-out clothes. That’s just how I learned to play the game.”

Slamming the attitude of the golfing establishment, she added: “They’ll have really intense discussions over if they should wear shorts or pants or a blade collar or a real collar.

“I’m just out here just in tank tops or spandex and people are like ‘What are you doing?’ But I love it


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