Paige Spiranac causes social media stir with bawdy shirt, LIV Golf praise in deleted tweet

Paige Spiranac — and her wardrobe — are going viral once again.

The longtime golf influencer, 30, caused a stir on social media this week after rocking a bawdy top while discussing LIV Golf’s latest event in Adelaide, Australia — which featured a lively atmosphere among fans — in a since scrubbed video.

Spiranac described this past weekend’s event as “electric,” much to the chagrin of critics that have railed against the Saudi-backed league.


“It was electric, but what’s frustrating is all the takes I was seeing on social media,” Spiranac said, according to the Daily Mail.

“People were saying too much music, too much fun. When did too much fun become a bad thing?”

LIV Golf, which boasts the tagline, “Golf, but louder,” often features music and champagne celebrations at its tournaments, among other festivities.

Spiranac then reiterated how entertainment is at the core of most sporting events.

“Fun is allowed and it should be encouraged, especially at sporting events. That’s why we go, to be entertained,” the “Playing A Round” podcast host said.

“And let’s be real, it’s golf, it’s not that serious. They are not saving lives or molding minds. They are chasing a ball around and hitting it with sticks, trying to get it into a hole.”

Spiranac also expressed, “Whether you like LIV or hate LIV, you have to admit that event looked like so much fun and all in all it’s good for the game of golf.”

Though it’s unclear why the clip was deleted, fans had quite the reaction to Spiranac’s shirt that featured the message, “Not only am I funny (I have nice t—ies too!)”

“Great shirt. Keep trolling the haters,” one Twitter user remarked.

Another added, “Love the shirt Paige.”


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