Paige Spiranac causes social media outrage over controversial ‘booty transparent cleavage’ skirt “See Pictures”

Paige Spiranac is making headlines after a controversial tiny white skirt showing ‘booty cleavage’ while visiting the golf course.

What seemed like a normal day for Paige Spiranac where she would visit the golf course and make some practice shots for her followers’ delight, turned into a wave of offensive comments from followers who went hard at her for showing her body.

On Instagram, Spiranac posted a set of pictures on the course and captioned the post “Do you like to leave the pin in or pull out?” using golfing and sexual innuendo, however, people reacted differently than she expected.

While most were borderline lewd comments, others surely wrote raunchier comments, and even scolded her for deleting them, “Ah, now you’re deleting comments?! Yet it’s ok for these dudes to throw sexual innuendos at you? How many fathers want their daughters to be treated the same? Is this a good influence? Because I said you are sexualizing golf and using it as a crutch to make financial gains as easy as possible? That’s a shame. Accountability”

However, she then went to Twitter to make another statement about the situation “It’s amazing the outrage this outfit is causing on Instagram. It’s just a little cheeky or booty cleavage as I like to say lol. I think it’s quite tame and this picture is cute. Thoughts?”

Immediately, there were those who defended the golf influencer and came to her aid, “I wish the golf courses I played had beauties like you on it! Taking the greatest game and making it better is all I see! Loved watching your personality come out on your Bob Does Sports episodes btw! You be a blast to play with! Keep doing you!

Meanwhile, another fan wrote “Don’t listen to those prudes and haters. they wish they looked like you. you’re a magnificent creature. you do you” while another added “I just see a beautiful scenery. Nah in all seriousness the haters are always hate just keep doing your thing.”

Another fan compared other type of content to what Spiranac normally uploads “Compared to what most people post on Instagram this is almost modest, compared to what is posted here on X it is modest. LOL”


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