Paige Spiranac asks Bryson DeChambeau naughty ‘smash’- Questions fans want to know about

They used to be at each other’s throats, now Paige Spiranac is asking Bryson DeChambeau all kinds of cheeky questions her fans want to know about

Paige Spiranac asked Bryson DeChambeau if he would like to smash – and the LIV Golf ace had the perfect response.


Spiranac, 30, is the most famous golf influencer on the planet, courtesy of her daring social media posts and cheeky sense of humour. While she did not quite crack the professional circuit during her golfing career on the green, she still managed to make a career out of the sport she loves.

So much so that she has previously, in her words, “trolled” the California native on social media. However, the pair recently had a round of golf in the Bahamas with each other to corroborate their respective YouTube channels. If there was any doubt about their blossoming friendship, it was blown away with Spiranac’s cheeky question.

In an Instagram question and answers session, one fan wanted Spiranac to ask: “If Bryson would smash?” When she posed the question, he swerved out of the way of the raunchy trap laid by the fan and said: ” No, Brooks [Koepka] and I are friends now.”

Spiranac laughed at DeChambeau’s reluctance to be coerced into giving a raunchy answer. It turned out to be a great day of bridge-building for the duo, who became unlikely rivals after she criticised the 2020 US Open winner on her podcast, when she said: “Bryson gets a lot of s*** and kind of deservedly.”


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