Paige Spiranac and Paige VanZant Upload There Sexy Photoshoots Nearly Go Naked….Trending On Fans Phones

Both Paige Spiranac, 30, and Paige VanZant, 29, have secured huge fan bases on social media thanks to their athletic ability and stunning looks

the pair are a huge draw – sharing their lifestyles with millions of followers.

Spiranac uses her platform to share golfing tips, as well as bikini photos and glam snaps.

While VanZant has a hugely popular OnlyFans account, where she shares racier content to her subscribers.


But, how do the beauties compare? Let SunSport guide you through their lives.

Instagram has been very kind to VanZant and Spiranac.

It has given the two a place where they have had the opportunity to build their brand and bank balances.

VanZant boasts a whopping 3.2 million followers, while Spiranac has the edge with 3.7 million devotees.

It has allowed them to become brand ambassadors, with Spiranac scoring a deal with PointsBet Sportsbook and sharing paid collaborations with various golfing companies.

While VanZant most recently sold a card that she had kissed to a fan for a staggering £10,700

They use the social platforms differently, with VanZant uploading photos with husband Austin Vanderford, but both have accumulated a staggering wealth.

VanZant is believed to be worth around £2million, while Spiranac has made about £2.4million.

Although it’s not for everyone, VanZant has fully embraced OnlyFans.

The former UFC fighter has seen her popularity on the platform swell – scoring over a million likes for some risque content, including sexy photoshoots and a behind-the-scenes look into her everyday life.

At $9.99-per-month (£8.03), she is, no doubt, raking it in.

Spiranac snubbed OnlyFans to set her own similar website called OnlyPaige.

“I wasn’t against any of the other ones, they just didn’t have what I wanted, I wanted to bring so much value to you guys as possible,” she revealed.

“And umm, yeah, it’s just the best option it can give you so much bang for your buck.”

Not only does Spiranac share some glam photoshoots, she also offers golfing tips, techniques to improve your swing, as well as comments on the game itself.

But, she confirmed she would “never” go naked.

She said: “No shame to anyone who is doing that but I don’t feel comfortable doing it. And also you can get that for free on the internet, whenever you want.


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