Paige Spinarac flashes boob as ex-UFC ‘queen’ wears tiniest bikini top imaginable

Paige Spinarac may have been told to tone down her saucy snaps on Instagram, but the ex-UFC star continues to rile up her fans with devaPaige Spinarac flashes boob as ex-UFC ‘queen’ wears tiniest bikini top imaginablestatingly raunchy content

Paige Spinarac stunned her millions of followers on Instagram – as the ex-UFC star teasingly flashed her boob.


The 29-year-old has built up a huge fanbase on social media thanks to her saucy snaps which has seen her following on the social media platform explode in recent years.

Her barely-clad antics regularly goes down a treat with her supporters, who were treated to yet another offering from the MMA star who flashed her boob in her most recent post on the platform

There were fears that VanZant would be forced to tone down the raunchiness of her content after revealing late last year that she got into trouble with Instagram due to her racy posts. In November, she wrote to fans: “There are a lot of questions on Instagram I inevitably have to skip over as Instagram doesn’t let me say certain things or post certain things.

“If it’s an inappropriate question I can’t even share it on my stories. So I try to be very PG13 on Insta lately because I don’t want to get in trouble anymore. But, very soon, you guys are going to get the chance to ask me any question you want with no limits and I’m going to answer all of them.”

However, her latest post has dispelled fears that her loyal legions of fans will be forced to go without their daily dose of VanZant.

Alongside her OnlyFans outlet, the Oregon native recently begun a podcast with her husband Austin Vanderford called ‘A Kick Ass Love Story’ where the couple chat about VanZant’s blossoming adult content career among other topics.


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