New Look Photos Of Tiger Woods’ new Sun Day Red line Paige Spiranac drops hysterical Content

Spiranac, the world’s biggest golf influencer, decided to have some fun with the news of Tiger Woods and TaylorMade joining

Monday night, Tiger Woods unveiled his new apparel line, Sun Day Red. He is partnering with TaylorMade creating a unique, premium shoewear and clothing line that will have fans running to the store.


One day later, golf influencer Paige Spiranac decided to have some related fun.

Spiranac took to X, formerly Twitter, to post some truly hysterical content.

“Working on my new clothing line logo Fri Day Cut. The lines represent how many over par I was in my first pro tournament,” she wrote.

There is actually a bit more to unpack there than meets the eye.

Obviously, yes, the image she depicts has certain connotations to it physically. But also, the words itself have some meaning.

Part of what makes Spiranac so much fun is how self-deprecating she can be. Fri Day Cut, come on, that’s good. Then there’s the reference to Tiger’s stripes.

Woods’ new logo for Sun Day Red, as he pointed out during the special press event Monday night that Playing Through was invited to, was tailor made to him, pun intended.

Each of the 15 stripes on the new logo represent Woods’ 15 major championships.

Woods jokingly said at the event that the logo will need to be changed though after he wins his 16th major title.

Tiger partnering with TaylorMade comes on the heels of the shocking split with Nike after 27 years. Woods had actually been playing with TaylorMade equipment for the last few years since Nike curtailed their footprint in the sport of golf.

So, the divorce was only a matter of time.

All the while, leave it to Spiranac to find a comedic approach. She has built her reputation on her wittiness, sexuality and also her golfing prowess. Much of that was put on display yet again Tuesday with this post.

Kendall Capps is the Senior Editor of SB Nation’s Playing Through. For more golf coverage, follow us @_PlayingThrough on all major social media platforms


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