March 12, 2024: Taylor feels safe with him.

Here, Travis is cradling Taylor, which is a huge deal, btw. See how their heads are bowed in together and her gaze is down? That means she feels safe with him. “I’ve never seen her do this—and she does it over and over and over with him,” Wood says.

You can tell Taylor feels good and safe here because her hand isn’t grasping at Travis, it’s relaxed. And when looking at him, it’s evident just how happy he is from his smile lines that go upwards.

Plus, Travis is making an effort to lean down to kiss Taylor. (They have a six-inch height difference, people!) “What I always look for in healthy relationships is how much effort are each of them making in this moment to be with each other, to be close to each other, to be intimate,” Wood says. His effort signifies that they seek comfort from each other and want to share the joy in this moment.


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