Lewis Hamilton And Christian Horner Red Bull’s Principle team Discussed A Possible Swap

This comes after sensational rumours suggesting Mercedes superstar Sir Lewis Hamilton sent someone to approach Red Bull team principal Christian Horner


Villeneuve wasn’t stunned by those reports as he remembers similar incidents taking place during his glory years on a regular basis.

However, the Williams great insists when the news come out a driver always has to make sure they negate those rumours.

Villeneuve told Planet F1: “It gets a lot of print!

“As a driver, you’re not allowed to talk to other teams while you’re under contract and all that. But talks always happen.

“Obviously, you cross people in the paddock or, sometimes, you’ll use someone who doesn’t work for you, but will still do the talk so you’re protected.

“But, if the noise comes out, you have to negate it. Then who’s there to check?”

In the lead-up to the season finale in Abu Dhabi, Horner revealed a member of Hamilton’s camp had approached him to talk about a possible switch to his team.

A Red Bull spokesperson then revealed that conversation had been with Sir Lewis’ father Anthony.

But both the British superstar and Mercedes’ team principal Toto Wolff quickly shut down those claims.

Hamilton has vehemently denied those rumours and even claimed Horner was “just stirring things”.

The seven-time F1 world champion added he had no knowledge regarding an approach from his camp.


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