Interesting Photos: Taylor Swift Secretly Gave Travis Kelce Sex Styles She Enjoy Most…….Fans Could You Believe

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are continuing to wow fans and onlookers with their public displays of affection on date nights, with the couple looking totally smitten on two dates in 48 hours, with a “sex signal” now being revealed.


The 33-year-old hitmaker and 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end have enjoyed two dates in New York City this weekend, with fans going wild over their sweet displays of public hand-holding and waist-touching. But there was also one other sweet gesture that was very lowkey yet highly sexual.

Taking to TikTok, fans have spotted a snap of Taylor and Travis amid a sexy signal where he touches a delicate part of her body. Various snaps show Taylor and Travis holding hands, with a couple of the shots zooming in on how the football hunk appears to be “tickling” the hitmaker’s hand.

“Him tickling her hand,” penned one person underneath a video montage of snaps from their Sunday night date. Another then noted: “The hand placement omg so handsome.” And a third said: “They both seem so happy. The constant smiles and touching and him protecting her.”

And now a renowned expert has weighed in on the “sexy signal”. Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, body language expert Judi James has said: “Well she’s confident enough to not need any calming techniques and she always loves the attention a new high-profile man brings so I’d suggest this is actually more of a flirty, sexual signal.”

She then concluded: “He’s all about being the perfect gentleman here but this secret tickling of one of the more delicate parts of the body would be like a secret sexy signal to her.”

This comes after Entertainment Tonight reported that a source revealed how on their Saturday night date, amid their stint on Saturday Night Live, Travis proved to be incredibly protective of the global superstar. The source said: “At one point, he actually told her security guard that he could step aside, like he’d take it from here.”.


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