Shock The Internet………Tom Brady Show Up To Challenge Some Of The Greatest Athletes In The Word Starting A New Career

Despite Becoming A Minority Owner Of The $5,100,000,000 worth Las Vegas Raiders, Tom Brady Show Up To Challenge Rafael Nadal, Didier Drogba, Sergio Perez.......Check More

Tom Brady is taking his recently-found love of boating to new heights, higher speeds, and more admirable purposes. He is back in competitive sports as a team owner in the new UIM E1.

Tom Brady, aka the GOAT (greatest of all times, not an actual goat), is one of the world’s most famous and celebrated athletes and the greatest quarterback of all time. He’s been retired from the NFL since early 2023, but he hasn’t been idling away: he’s been in talks to get back into competitive sports, just not on the gridiron. On the water.


Brady has partnered with the new UIM E1 Championship, becoming a team owner. His team will make its debut at the E1 World Championship early next year, going up against other fellow athlete-owned teams in several locations around the world, from Monaco to Venice and Rotterdam.

The plan is to have ten teams in the championship, but slots are still open. Other high-profile athletes buying in are tennis ace Rafael Nadal, Chelsea football player Didier Drogba, and Formula 1 star Sergio Perez. Brady is by far the championship’s biggest get, which is bound to raise more interest in joining in.


Below is the official E1 and Brady’s announcement, the latter of which includes a good look at the e-boats and a joke about how he’s “always been synonymous with speed,” so it was only natural to get into racing. He was always one of the slowest quarterbacks, despite his many wins and incredible achievements.


E1 was founded by Alejandro Agag, who had already brought electric power to car racing with the Formula E and Extreme E, and former director of Motorsport at McLaren Rodi Basso. The goal of the championship is ultimately to become a platform for the development of sustainable tech in boating while also raising the profile of such vessels. And delivering thrills, that part goes without saying.

The Race Bird boat built specifically for the championship is a design by Sophi Horne and naval architect Brunello Acampora. It packs a powerful Mercury Racing outboard electric motor and a Kreisel Electric battery, and hydrofoils that lift it almost instantly out of the water to reduce friction and improve speed and efficiency. As such, it flies on the water at 100 kph (62.6 mph).

In the announcement, Brady is holding a RaceBird steering wheel, of the kind that his team pilot will use in the upcoming races. Not Brady, though: speaking with the media after the announcement, he made it clear that he had no plans to pilot the vessel at championship races.

But he will drive a RaceBird for pleasure because, personal lack of speed on the field notwithstanding, he loves things that move fast.


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