Grammy Winner Praises Lewis Hamilton’s Singing Ability, but There’s One Problem: “If You Introduce Him to Your Girlfriend……….He think’s ..

Lewis Hamilton, aged 39, has diversified his interests since gaining fame. Beyond his passion for skydiving and racing, he has demonstrated his singing prowess. In a surprising twist, he made an appearance on Christina Aguilera’s 2018 track “Pipe” using the pseudonym XNDA, revealing his musical inclination. Moreover, he was also seen engaged in a collaboration with Major Lazer last year.


However, until recently, fans consistently raised doubts about whether Lewis Hamilton’s foray into singing was simply a casual pastime or a more serious endeavor. Nonetheless, any skepticism about his musical talents has been put to rest with the recent commendation from Grammy winner

In a recent conversation with Alex Harrington on F1 briefings, Williams James Adams, popularly known as publicly commended Lewis Hamilton’s singing talent. He said, “Lewis Hamilton, it’s kind of not fair that he’s that good, and he sings amazing. Seriously, I’ve been in the studio with him. Lewis is an amazing singer. Lewis is no joke with the vocals.”

Not only that, also highlighted that Hamilton could outshine anyone vocally if they were to compete on stage. In a more light-hearted tone, the hip-hop singer likened the British racing driver to a cat. With this analogy, what Adam implies is that if someone introduces Lewis Hamilton to their girlfriend, Hamilton’s irresistible charm will captivate her. He said, ” If you introduce him to your girlfriend, she’s going to think he’s hot.”

Additionally, as a playful example, the rapper added that if one were to challenge Hamilton to a race, he would surpass them in speed. Interestingly, as he finished his remarks, Adams jokingly suggested that Hamilton should have at least a few areas where he’s not excelling.
Is Lewis Hamilton bringing any new music recordings for his fans?

During the onset of the 2023 season, fans spotted Lewis Hamilton recording in his studio. Despite his previous statements about struggling to find time for music, he took advantage of some days off from Mercedes’ responsibilities. In this recording, Hamilton was heard singing about yearning for lasting love and emotions. Remarkably, after a year-long break, Hamilton returned to his music kit, using it for personal enjoyment.

Expanding on his choice to rekindle his musical pursuits, Hamilton wrote in his Instagram story, ” I recorded for the first time in almost a year yesterday, it’s super rough and just an idea.”

However, he later clarified that the demanding Formula 1 schedule had caused him to lose the drive to continue making music, which is why he came back to his studio after so long. Nevertheless, he emphasized his genuine love of creating music and expressed a commitment to putting more effort into that aspect.

Hamilton’s candidness about his musical endeavors had captivated fans, especially considering that when he initially sang under the XNDA pseudonym, he admitted feeling self-conscious. During that time, the seven-time champion stated in a 2020 interview that his objective was to release music under a different name.

Hamilton made this decision in order to separate himself from being publicly identified as the singer in the Christina Aguilera collaboration. While wrapping up, Hamilton stated that his insecurities, fears, and tendency to overthink, much like many other individuals, influenced his choice.


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