Full Details With Photos: Lewis Hamilton Grew More And More Frustrated As Time Went On As Mercedes Gives Him What He Wants?

Lewis Hamilton grew more and more frustrated as time went on.

In fact, this can be understood as natural only if something changes and no longer corresponds to our expectations for some time.


British driver Lewis Hamilton dominated F1 for a long time, but these days he’s become increasingly rare and easy to win.

Thanks to Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen’s rapid rise and problems with his car, winning is no longer easy to achieve.
Lewis Hamilton Grew More And More Frustrated As Time Went On As Mercedes Gives Him What He Wants?
Mercedes wants to offer Hamilton a bespoke car It looks like the 2024 F1 season could be the year that Hamilton can challenge the Dutchman and Red Bull a bit more.
James Allison has returned as Mercedes’ technical director, which looks like good news for Hamilton.


A British driver received a car tailored exactly to his wishes and modifications.
The 2024 W15 F1 car was built based on the requirements he had in mind, including a change in the cockpit position.
Although he wanted to push it further back than his W14, he was vocal about his W14 and never hid his enthusiasm for further development.

Allison and Mike Elliott (chief technology officer) seem to have listened to the drivers’ wishes as the W15 is a completely new concept and he has no connection to the W13 and W14 cars which was a huge shame.
Elsewhere, the gearbox has been shortened to meet the demands of modern ground effects cars.

This was the longest time on the F1 grid.
The new car benefits from mass redistribution, making it more aerodynamic and streamlined at the rear.
However, it may not be able to compete with Red Bull in other areas.

Suspension is an area to focus on, with Mercedes continuing to use a pull rod system.
Due to the shorter gearbox, the engine position has also changed, with the driver sitting further back and the radiator moved further from the front wheels.

Can Hamilton finally challenge Verstappen?
With the start of the season not scheduled until March, F1 enthusiasts will be debating what will happen during the record-breaking season.
With a record-breaking 24 races on the calendar, there’s plenty of exciting action.

This is of course also very attractive for anyone who wants to enrich his F1 experience through betting.
Many people are using online betting to make their viewing experience even more exciting.

Some bet on all races, while others bet on future markets.
The World Championship driver has always been one of his most popular on the market and the news of Hamilton’s bespoke car seems to have had an impact.
He raised the odds to his 12/1, increasing the chances of the third place player winning.

Unsurprisingly, Verstappen is the favorite with odds of 1/4 on him.
That means most expect Verstappen to be dumped again.
Between the two rivals, Lando Norris leads with odds of 8/1 for the Bahrain Grand Prix.
Considering the odds on offer at this stage, not many believe that Hamilton can produce another top-flight season.
If that’s the case, we might have to hope he has his best year ever and the Dutchman’s worst.

Mercedes need a strong start You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know Mercedes need a strong start to the season.
The team has already done a lot of work internally to give us the best chance possible, but there is still a lot of work to do on the track.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have signed contracts until the end of 2025, so they need to ensure they have the cars they need to perform.

With about a month left until pre-season testing, they need a quick start to be able to compete with Red Bull from the start and win at least one championship by the end of this year’s 24 races.

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