Fans Why: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance could ‘go all the way’ Fans In Jessi Shouted Loud

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have a fan in Jessie James Decker.


The musician, who is currently expecting her fourth child with her former NFL player husband Eric Decker, told E! News she thinks the pair could be each other’s “end game.”

Pulling from her personal experience of being a singer married to an athlete, Jessie said having a different career than your partner is a huge positive because the couple can have a mutual “respect and admiration and understanding” of each other’s profession without “crossing into each other’s stuff.”

“You’re not slipping into each other’s work field but you’re both in the public eye and you’re both in entertainment and you’re both at a very high profession,” Jessie, 35, further explained.


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