Fans See How :Toto Wolff wants Lewis Hamilton to get revenge for losing to Max Verstappen at 2021 Abu Dhabi before his Ferrari move

Lewis Hamilton confirmed his move to Ferrari in 2025 before the beginning of the 2024 season. However, the Briton hasn’t won a race with Mercedes in the past two seasons, following the controversial 2021 season finale at the Abu Dhabi GP. Hence, amidst the move, Toto Wolff has sided with the 39-year-old to ‘avenge’ the 2021 championship result during his ultimate season at Brackley.

Toto Wolff recalled the 2021 Abu Dhabi season finale when Max Verstappen‘s win created massive controversy in the sport. However, the Briton’s move to Ferrari in the subsequent year leaves only one year to get ‘revenge’ for the 2021 results.

Looking from a ‘friend’s perspective’, Wolff asserted that Hamilton deserved an eighth title victory as that was ‘taken away’ from the seven-time world champion. Hence, a 2024 title victory for the Briton would be a great thing for his legacy. However, from a competitive point of view, Toto Wolff would rather have Mercedes win races regardless of the title fight down the season.

The friend side in me that says he should have an eighth because that was taken away from him. So if he wins that in 2024, that would be a great thing. Going forward, competing on track, I’d rather us win.

Wolff said, as reported by
Moving ahead to the 2025 season and forward, the team would be working hard for the drivers’ and constructor’s championship but obviously with a different driver according to Wolff. However, not winning the championship wouldn’t take from the historic legacy that the Briton has achieved in his 17-year career in Formula 1.

We will be giving it everything we have to win drivers’ and constructors’ championships in the years to come in the same way as we want to win it in 2024, but maybe with another driver. But it doesn’t take anything away from historic legacy that will always exist.


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