Drew Gulak issues response to Ronda Rousey accusing him of inappropriate conduct

As previously noted, Ronda Rousey claimed that WWE star Drew Gulak acted inappropriately towards her while she was working for the company. Here is what Rousey said…

“This guy [Gulak] that was like barely an acquaintance with, grabs the string of, like, my sweat pants as I’m walking by. And like, nobody, like, I wasn’t even looking at him, you know?”

“This guy grabs the string my sweatpants and nobody else reacts as if this is abnormal. And he’s like, he comes out, and he starts going down the hall.”

In a post via Twitter/X, Gulak addressed the accusation…

“Backstage at a WWE event in 2022, I saw Ronda talking with a group in the hallway. I stopped to say hi and shake all their hands, and in an attempt to shake her hand, I accidentally touched her drawstring. Complete accident, and one that I had apologized to her for the mishap.”


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