Check Error That Nearly Destroy Patrick Mahomes’s Career- Fans Lambasted

Check Error That Nearly Destroy Patrick Mahomes's Career- Fans Lambasted

We’ve all misused a comma or two in our day. Unfortunately, this fate came at a poor time for Patrick Mahomes as he attempted to take to X to post well-wishes for Aaron Rodgers after he suffered a severe ankle injury Monday night. Mahomes first wrote “Hate that man…praying for the best” before announcing he needed the edit button now more than ever.

Mahomes makes punctuation error, X reacts

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes reaffirmed the importance of properly placed commas as he wished New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers well after he got hurt on Monday night.



As you’ve likely heard, Rodgers went down with an ankle injury on Monday Night Football just a couple of plays into his first official drive with the team. The Jets later shared the x-rays were negative, but he was ruled out for the rest of the game against the Buffalo Bills.

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Being the classy guy he is, Mahomes immediately took to social media to share his concern for Rodgers’ injury. However, he forgot a comma in his post.


At first, he posted “Hate that man… Praying for the best” before editing in a comma between “that” and “man” to instantly change the meaning of the message.

Indeed, Mahomes at first posted something unintentionally hilarious before quickly recognizing his grammatical flub and fixing it with the edit. He had a good sense of humor after the fact.

On what became a quickly serious night for the NFL, it was nice to get a good laugh in thanks to Mahomes.


Now, we all just hope Rodgers can get back on the field soon for New York


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