Cardi B Takes Brutal Swipe Yet Show Off Her Cleavages “Tell fans I don’t want to do music.”

CARDI B has sparked a meltdown at her record label after telling fans she’s scrapped her long awaited second album.

The rapper went on an astonishingly strange tweet and delete session on X where she let rip at her followers, before appearing to turn her back on the music industry for good.

One now deleted message read: “There’s no album.” In another, Cardi moaned: “I don’t want to do music.”


After fans rounded on her demanding answers, Cardi said she had been struggling with her mood and said she felt under pressure to perform.

Speaking directly to them on an Instagram Live, Cardi said: “I was just feeling very overwhelmed, I was very f***ing tired.

“A lot of things don’t really bother me but then I get one thing and I just burst. When I have one of my bad moments I will literally curse out everybody.”


She added: “I was very sad. I started paying attention to all the good stuff people were saying about me and then I started to get upset about it [comments].

“I just wanted to burst. I had one of those moments. I didn’t even want to be here like mentally but I needed one of those days. I was crying so much this morning but I feel a bit better now.”

Cardi’s latest single Bongos – a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion – had been tipped to be another monster hit for the star.

But it struggled to make an impact – peaking at No 35 in the UK charts


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