Cardi B Completely Exposes Her Bo*bs Not Minding Her Nip*les

Cardi B knows how to make a fashion statement.

The rapper, 30, stepped out in a daring outfit that left little to the imagination while partying in New York City, wearing a see-through black dress covered in pearls, rings, chains and safety pins. She completed the look by strutting in a pair of black heels with a curly updo and bright blue eyeshadow.


The “WAP” singer later shared a series of clips on her Instagram Story, including one of her twerking inside a nightclub and another of her singing to the camera with a 5:53 a.m. timestamp.

At the MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday, Cardi took the red carpet by storm in similar attire — a custom floor-length gown and arm cuffs by Dilara Findikoglu that also appeared to be adorned with silver hair pins and pearls. She styled her hair straight and long, falling to her waistline.

“I’m a creative,” she told MTV before the ceremony. “I have to be creative with everything, with my clothes, with my pictures, everything. My visions have got to come to life.”

She dazzled on the 2023 Grammys red carpet in a sophisticated dress delivered straight from the Paris Fashion Week runway. And then turning heads at the Met Gala, she wore three different and captivating gowns for the night — and a gorgeous outfit for the afterparty.

On Monday, the Grammy winner appeared on Andy Cohen’s late-night Bravo show Watch What Happens Live, where she played “Fashion or Trash, Hun” and reflected on some of her fashion choices.

Cardi looked shocked on the show while wearing a turquoise silk dress, first studying her “tribal vibes” look from New York Fashion Week in 2015.

“Oh my titties are on the floor, honey,” the star commented on the outfit, which featured brown patterned trousers, a beaded design over her breasts, matching beaded necklace sunglasses and a headscarf.

Explaining her choice, Cardi said, “That was the first fashion show I ever went to and I was trying to impress people. [Sex and the City stylist] Patricia Field was feeling me and was like, ‘Who is this girl?’”

The clip also showed Cardi and Cohen, 55, reminiscing about her ice blue dress from Rihanna’s 2017 Diamond Ball. Cardi adored the outfit, which made her look like a “total Disney princess,” as Cohen described it. She said, “Yes, I love it. Keep it!”

“Yin and yang for real,” she said of her and Offset’s relationship. “But one thing that we, like, both love, we both love family. That’s one thing and we both love what we do, like we both, we are each other’s support system. I know that he backs me up a hundred percent and I back him up a hundred percent. I don’t care.”


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