Cardi B Again Caught Having Sex With Offset Even Though Both Are Not Back Together…… Fans React

The answer to getting back together is not a good night at the club and f*cking the night long.”


In case you’re curious about Cardi B and Offset’s relationship status after they were spotted celebrating the New Year together, Cardi went ahead and cleared things up: No, they aren’t back together. Yes, they hooked up on New Year’s Eve.

Speaking to fans on a livestream, Cardi said (via People) “I want to be clear to you guys because you guys are making your assumptions and I just wanted you to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Was I clubbing with my baby father yesterday? Yes. Did I got dicked down yesterday? Absolutely, baby.”

Cardi went on to explain that she and Offset were hanging in the same club in separate sections and decided to just chill and have a good time together.

“I feel at the point of where we at in our relationship—we’ve been together for seven years, we’ve been married for seven years—I don’t consider that we’re back together,” she said. “The answer to getting back together is not a good night at the club and fucking the night long. We need to work on our shit, we need to work on our communication, there’s things that he needs to work on, there’s things that I need to work on.”

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“It’s a fun night, then guess what, the next day we’re arguing, the next day I’m blocking,” Cardi added. “The next thing you know, we aren’t talking for four days. I don’t want to keep that cycle going.”

All that said, Cardi and Offset are in couples therapy, and she noted that “If it goes well, then we will be back together. If it doesn’t go well, then it doesn’t go well, but I always want to keep the healthy relationship.”

Hoping for the best for these two!


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