Brittany Is Now Pregnant? $450,000,000 Patrick Mahome’s Super wife Receives Perfect Wish From Brother-in-Law Jackson and Best Friend Kayla

Patrick Mahomes got to celebrate a special day with his wifey, Brittany, mere days before the NFL season kicks off! However, amidst the excitement, rumors have been swirling about the couple expecting another baby. Constantly active on social media, the former soccer player participated in a Q&A session with the fans, a week back, and once again the pregnancy rumors were brought up, followed by her statement.

To anyone’s surprise, even Brittany was confused about this rumor, while clarifying that she, in fact, wasn’t pregnant. In the midst of these rumors, the KC Current owner shared a special day with hubby, then received warm wishes from her best friend, Kayla, and brother-in-law, Jackson.



Patrick Mahomes celebrates wifey’s birthday!

The loving husband threw a surprise party on Tuesday, exactly two days before the former soccer player turned 27. Mahomes had the perfect idea to commemorate Brittany’s special day, surprising her with a denim and diamond-filled bash, and even inviting several friends of her to the jamboree. They were all seen dressing to the theme of the party, a picture of which was later shared on Instagram.


A few hours before Brittany’s birthday, her best friend, Kayla Nicole, who is also the ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce, shared a few moments with the former soccer star. Kayla took to her Insta story to post a collage of 6 pictures, posing with Brittany in all of them, at different events. She also posted another collage from Brittany’s wedding, where she was one of the bridesmaids.

Brittany’s brother-in-law, Jackson, also shared a picture of them together on his Insta story, with a caption, wishing for her birthday. The 27-year-old former soccer star has had a blissful birthday, even a beautiful gesture from her 2-year-old daughter, Sterling.

Sterling’s heartwarming gesture!
Two days after the party, the former soccer star received yet another heartfelt gift from her daughter. Brittany took to her Instagram story to share a picture of a small cake, topped with possibly white chocolate chips, which was surprisingly made by the 2-year-old prodigy. She stood on a chair, showing off her pearly whites, while presenting the cake to her mum. Brittany wrote, “She made me a cake,” coupled with the smile and heart emojis, in the caption.



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