After Getting Dragged for Her ‘Sexy’ Content, Paige Spiranac Finally Confesses the Hard Truths About Her “Risque” Image

After she failed to earn her spot on the LPGA Tour, Paige Spiranac took a slightly different route in the golfing world and became a golf influencer. And though it was an unusual career option, what was more daring was how she chose to present herself.

Her bold and vivacious avatar has received love from many of her fans while critics and many other people have condemned her. By leveraging her attractive looks and physical appearance, Spiranac has built her brand over the years. Now she is ready to share about it.

In the latest episode of her podcast, Playing a Round with Paige, the 30-year-old goes fully candid about why she appears the way she does. Giving her fans a sneak behind the curtain of her brand imaging, Spiranac admitted, “I think that the way that I dress does get me attention And I have built my brand my appearance and my body.”
She continued, “And it does capture a lot of controversy at times which you do need to grow in this industry. But within golf, it is such a conservative industry.” In the golfing world, she is constantly reminded of how risky and controversial her content is and stated, “That more than not, I am told that my content is too edgy, that it’s too controversial. That is too risque.”

So a lot of golf brands don’t want to work with her. Paige admitted that she has been extremely lucky to have found companies that align with her brand. But at the same time, she has faced a lot of pushback. And it is one of the more difficult things that she has to deal with every single day for the last eight years.

While much hate and harsh criticism are always thrown her way, Spiranac has chosen not to change herself and continues with her bold being. She has also revealed how she was stereotyped at the beginning of her influencing career.
In the same episode of the podcast, Paige made another admission that making money is not the encouraging factor behind her sexy looks. She goes on to admit that early in her career, she was put in a box. And every time she tried to get out of it and do something else, she was put back there again. So instead of fighting it, she started owning it.

She also spoke about being very stubborn and said that when someone told her that she couldn’t do something, she wanted to do it even more. After overcoming many hurdles, Spiranac has gone on to chart a successful career in the influencing world.


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